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Welcome to Straight Shootin' Firearms

Growing up in Oregon, my family and I have always enjoyed the outdoors and hunting. In 2006 I purchased my first sound suppressor and instantly began to experience the benefits and joys of hunting and shooting using silencers. I use suppressors for hunting everything, from big game in Eastern Oregon to coyotes and jack rabbits in the High Desert. Obviously, the use of a sound suppressor is not a necessity; however, using them has vastly improved my skills as a shooter as well as helped to preserve not only my hearing but the hearing of those with me. I find that I am a more relaxed, focused shooter while practicing and when it is time to take that critical shot in the field. I have also found that the speed and precision of subsequent follow up shots (that are sometimes required on big game) has improved with the use of sound suppressors on my large caliber rifles, allowing me to “focus on the shot”. When I first decided that I wanted to purchase a silencer for hunting, I did not know where to start in building up a base of knowledge to be able to make an informed decision about my purchase. My goal with each and every customer is help them to build a base of knowledge about silencers, find answers to their questions and assist them in putting together a suppressed system that will put a smile on their face every time they pull the trigger. It always makes me smile when I receive pictures or emails from happy customers! My clients have become my fellow hunting friends. I have realized a lot of satisfaction knowing that I am able to help them preserve the ageless enjoyment of being in the outdoors.

My goal at Straight Shootin' Firearms (SSF) is to provide superior customer service to my clients. I strive to set myself apart by meeting with each customer, defining their individual needs and goals and then setting that customer up with the best platform for those needs.

The process of navigating the federal government’s requirements can be confusing. I will guide you through this process as well.

I have traveled state wide to meet with our clients, doing live demonstrations, taking fingerprints and photographs, which makes the whole experience of purchasing suppressors as simple and enjoyable as possible.
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Straight Shootin' Firearms
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